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We’re Back: Catching Up With Tim About His Arizona Visit 

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YGYG Tim | Catch Up


Christina and Tim are back for a chat. It’s like a counseling session for Tim, but free! Find out what happened to Tim during a particular visit with the family and what happened after they got back. Were those cat hair sitting everywhere? Aren’t pillow forts just the way to sleep? Do you tuck your feet underneath the blanket or have them stick out? Join Christina and Tim as they talk about family visits, beds, pillow forts, and monsters in this episode.

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We’re Back: Catching Up With Tim About His Arizona Visit

How are you?

I missed our weekly talks. We talk about stuff. It’s like my counseling session, and it’s free.

I could use a counselor.

They don’t call me Dr. Phil for nothing.

Did you have a good visit?

It’s super busy. I do not enjoy the busyness of it. I found out from my boss that I could work from home while I was there. I work from home anyways, so I worked completely remote. We went over there and pulled our trailer with the two kids and the four dogs. We took off and I popped three trailer tires. Thank God that it wasn’t all on the same time. Apparently, when tires are from 2014, they dry rot. We’re driving an hour in, one tire was shredded and I had gotten a brand new spare the day before.

I put the new spare on and while we’re driving, another one pops. I’m like, “Are you kidding me?” After I put the new spare on, we went to a tire place. I said just in case, and my wife was like, “It would be fine. It’s not going to happen twice.” We’re going across the country, so we stopped by some tire shop and I was like, “Do you have the size tire?” They’re like, “Yeah, $50.” I was like, “Sick.” They put a new tire on that rim, and two hours later, another one shreds. I’m going 70 miles an hour down the freaking highway and all you hear is a sound, and then my wheels start shaking.

YGYG Tim | Catch Up

Catch Up: When you’re 93, you’re battling a lot of different stuff.


I’m like, “Are you kidding me?” I pulled over and changed that out. I’m like, “I’m going to Discount Tire.” We go to Discount Tire and they have the tire, so they gave me three. I have a brand new one on my spare and then four brand new tires on the trailer itself. That day, we took off at 11:00 and we’re going to drive until 10:00. We’re going to knock out eleven hours. We knocked out four. The day after, we did thirteen and made it all the way to Albuquerque.

On the third day, we went from Albuquerque to Phoenix. That was hectic. That weekend, while we were driving, my wife’s grandma did pass away. She went to a coma. She was 93 and one of the most amazing women you could ever meet. Up until about 2020, she would wake up, have her eggs and bacon, and then getting her little Toyota Corolla to drive to the Catholic church. She would do meals on wheels every single day, seven days a week. She would load up the meals, go out and feed the homeless and then she had mass. She’s heavily in her little Catholic church there in her town.

She was the sweetest lady. You had a big old house that would have everybody over whenever we visited San Diego. She could have everybody over. We could stay the night hanging out with her, but about last 2020, she fell and broke her hip. She got a half hip replacement on the left side and while she was in bed, she got bedsores.

Those bedsores got infected, which caused her to have pneumonia. She was battling some issues. When you’re 93, you’re battling a lot of different stuff. She was in pain in 2020. Not too long ago, she signed a DNR. She was just getting progressively worse. When she went into a coma, that’s when we decided to leave. Two days in our drive, she passed away.

That weekend when we got there, my wife and her family all went to California. I stayed in Arizona because her mom and dad had four dogs. I was like, “Who’s going to watch the eight dogs and the house?” I could see in her dad’s face how stressed out he was. I was like, “I’ll stay here. I will take care of the dogs and the house. You guys can take my truck. It seats five comfortably. It’s a big CrewMax Toyota Tundra. You guys can take my truck and can go out there and stay in one hotel room.” Her mom wouldn’t sleep in the same room as me because I snore.

We would have to get two separate hotel rooms and we had to drive two separate cars and all stuff. I took a bunch of stress away when I was like, “You all can stay in the same hotel. You got to take one vehicle. I’ll take care of the dogs and the house.” What I ended up doing for them since I was bored out of my mind was I cleaned the crap out of their house top to bottom. I’m trying to help my father-in-law out.

We had a weekend off, but it’s not a weekend off because you’re going to see this family in Mesa. They need to see this family member in Chandler, then you’re going to see this family member in Anthem. The weekend after that, I went down to Tucson and I was the best man at my buddy Sam’s wedding. A week after that, I was the best man at my dad’s wedding. He got remarried.

Monsters get your feet if they're not underneath the blanket. You have to be completely under. Click To Tweet

The week after that was Halloween. The day after Halloween, we took off and drove fourteen and a half hours. Tuesday, we drove ten and a half hours, and now we’re home. We got home and we have two cats but we didn’t take them. The neighbor was watching the cats. She feeds them, waters and pets them. When you have five weeks of nobody dusting, vacuuming, and anything, the cat’s hair is everywhere.

They had fleas, which is super popular here. Your dogs and cats have to be on flea medication. In Arizona, there’s a season that it’s always fleasy in here. We got the cats dipped. They wash them, dry, and dip them. It’s a flea bath, but they call it cat dipped, and it’s $38. I don’t know what they dip them in. Thankfully, we have all hardwood floors, so they weren’t in any carpet or anything. We had the master bedroom and my daughter’s room shut, and then my son, we had a plastic sheet on his mattress.

We still ended up throwing the mattress away and buy a little twin, so we went and bought a new mattress. Anything that was close, we washed, double washed, double dried, and all that stuff, so no more fleas. This little side room that I’m in, underneath it is a porch flooring, so there are cracks and stuff, and that goes to the crawl space underneath the house. This house is built on top of the crawl space and it’s mold down there.

This room that I’m in, I don’t know if you’ve ever smelled mold when it’s foul like something died. It’s like spoiled milk and everything. All my posters and my stuff had mold spots on them. We had somebody come out and he crawled underneath there and treated everything in here. He had to do a flea bomb. It’s like a mold bomb. He set it off, it goes out, and kills all the spoils. He washed everything down there. It was dark, black, green shit coming out of there into his industrial shot back he had. That’s why my voice is a little hoarse because I was in here setting up the computers and being in here for an hour. It jacked me up just some hour of all the spoils that were in here.

That’s good. I’m glad you had a good visit.

It’s super nice. We had our trailer and it has a nice full-size bed in there. We laid down on the new big cooling gel pillow top memory foam mattress that we have. It’s a California king. I laid on one side and Billy on the other side. I was like, “Holy cow. You’re way over there, dude. You’re long ways awake.”

I’ve got a king-size bed. When Andy and I went up north for a weekend and it had at our hotel room a king-size bed. We shared a bed because there were eight of us in one house. We shared the king-size bed and we realized that we could sleep without touching each other. It was so nice because I was concerned about that. When I was in Alaska, we had a hotel room with two queen size beds and I was like, “I don’t think I can do this.” My bed here at my house is a king-size bed and I’m the only one who sleeps in it. I have this entire bed all to myself and I sleep diagonally, no matter which way I’m at.

YGYG Tim | Catch Up

Catch Up: When you have five weeks of nobody dusting, vacuuming, and anything, the cat’s hair is everywhere.


We always start off with cuddling and talking about our day, any comments, concerns, bitches, moans, gripes and complaints. It’s spooning and cuddling. After two minutes, I’m like, “I’m hot. Goodnight. I love you?” I roll twice and I have a pillow fort, one in between my legs, one wrapped my arms around and one that I put my head-on. If my neck is hurting, I have a different pillow that has a firm, little bump in it for when my neck hurts. I have this whole setup and she is way over there.

I have one king-size pillow on one side, a body pillow on the other side and then I have two pillows at the foot at the head of the bed. When I roll, I’m on one pillow, and when I roll over, I go to the other pillow. I’m blocked off in a square, and my dad is like, “Do you have enough pillows?” When you walk into my kid’s room, they each have six pillows on their bed.

I don’t understand. She has one super flat pillow.

These pillows right here are so flat. They’re from high school.

By halfway into the night, it’s on my side and she’s sleeping on nothing.

She doesn’t like to hold a pillow or anything.

She hates it. She always has to have her feet out. She can’t have her feet underneath the covers because her feet get hot. In the morning, her toes are blue.

When the tires are from 2014, they dry rot. Click To Tweet

Monsters get your feet if they’re not underneath the blanket. You have to be completely under. I can’t do my toes sticking out or anything. If my feet were sticking out, my cat would attack my toes.

That’s what my whole trip to Arizona was about. I’m excited to be back and be talking to my podcast partner. We’re going to be talking in some future episodes where all of our readers to read with the Tuesdays with Tim is Expectations in Life. It’s our future episode. Another episode would be our fast food argument because the way that you filled out that fast food top tier list is complete garbage. That’s not going to be a fastfood agreement.

That’s definitely going to be an argument. We’ll touch on PTSD. That’s something that you and I struggle with. That’d be important to talk about because one thing that I and you both firmly 100% agree with is that this whole stigma about mental health is bullshit. We don’t want there to be a stigma about mental health. If one person reading can be like, “I struggle with that too,” and they know that they’re not alone, it’s all worth it, in my opinion.

I will be doing a solo episode where I will be talking about what a man’s role is in 2021 because it’s very important that men need to understand. It’s going to be my opinion and see how long I can talk to myself for part one and part two, because I get a lot of stuff to say about that subject. We’ll talk about your trip to Alaska, which I’m so excited that you’re going to be able to go up there and see one of your best friends.

I’m super stoked to see her and maybe someone else, but we’ll see.

I’m sorry. I know that the past few weeks have been lacking on the Tuesdays with Tim. I’m super busy in Arizona, as we talked about. It’s going to be fun and we’ll pick up where we left off.

Sounds good.


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