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How Your Dreams Reflect Your Need For Affection

YGYG Dreams | Dreams And Affection


Have you ever had a dream that just feels real? So real that you can feel and smell it? Join your host, Christina as she talks about a very specific dream that involves the cartel and loving affection. I hope you’re interested because Christina sure is. Learn if your dreams are reflecting how your life, in this case, the lack of affection. Listen and understand if having a dream about the human connection is normal. Discover what it means today.

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How Your Dreams Reflect Your Need For Affection

Have you ever had these dreams that are incredibly vivid, like you can feel someone holding your hand or smell the way that they smell in your dream? That has been happening to me a lot. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve got a lack of affection. I’ve been having these vivid dreams where ideally, there’s another human being involved and it’s a male. It’s not a male that pertains to anyone I know. You have those dreams where the face of a person looks familiar and it might be somebody you know in real life, but it’s not. When you sit there and try to think about all of the people that it could be in real life, the face doesn’t click with anybody that you’re thinking of.

Let’s say I have a male type and all of my dreams consist of a man that is of the specific type that I would date. The man in my dreams is always very familiar to me because it’s a type that I would generally gravitate towards. I’ve been having these dreams that are super vivid. I’ve been watching this TV show called Queen of the South. It’s about the cartel, drug runners and drug mules. It was particularly about this one female who is trying to become the queen of her own cartel. It’s great. I didn’t think I was going to like it, but I’ve been binge-watching it. It’s showing up in my dreams, but it’s me. My dreams don’t have anything to do with being in the cartel. I’m on season three. I had this dream because I watched it all day while I was working and then I watched it right before bed. Typically, if I’ve been binge-watching, I ended up dreaming about it or something of the sort.

YGYG Dreams | Dreams And Affection

Dreams And Affection: Gone are the days of seeing somebody from across the room and deciding if you want to talk to him. Everything is online now, even dating.


My dream was about how I got into some trouble and got arrested. The cop was on my side because I was a very important person. The cop was very close to me. We were hugging and I was like, “You smell good.” I could feel his hand around my hand. It felt so real. I hate having those dreams. While they’re very real, it’s hard because I think I’m in need of that affection, a hug or someone holding my hand. I guess I’m longing for that that I ended up dreaming about it. My dreams are so real that then you start thinking about it during the day and my heart starts racing. I get this flood of emotions about how I want that connection, and I don’t have that connection.

I’m curious. Has anyone else had dreams like that where they’re in need of that physical connection and affection that you don’t get, or am I the only one? Please don’t tell me that I’m the only one because then I do sound crazy talking to you about this. I’m crazy already, but I turn into a weirdo and I’m already a weirdo based on another episode that I’ve done. It’s weird because I need a human connection, but I don’t need a human connection. Does anyone else feel that way? It can’t be just me. I would love to know how the rest of you, single people, out there are managing without the connection and affection of having someone in your life or not having them with you every day because if you feel the way I feel, I’m not alone. Clearly, I feel it too because I’m sure some of you are sitting there going, “Yeah, totally. I can feel it. I know what you’re talking about.”

I want to make sure I’m not alone because when I talk about these things, I feel like I’m a nutjob. Essentially, I’m a little bit of a cuckoo bird. That was the topic of conversation. I had a dream and it reminded me of all the other dreams that I have where I feel like I need that connection and a manly hug from somebody who is not my dad, kids or brother. I want that affection from somebody, but here’s the hard thing for me. I don’t like being touched. It’s weird because in my dreams, I’m dreaming about having this connection with somebody and feeling that physical connection. I can feel their fingers in between my hands. I want that but then there’s the other part of me that’s like, “Woman, you hate being touched.” It gives me the heebie-jeebies. Anybody else? Is it just me? Am I crazy? No? Yes? Maybe?

Have you ever had dreams where you get hugged by a random person? Maybe that’s because of your lack of affection in real life.

I’m having issues over here because I’m sitting at home, I’m not dating. I was on some dating apps, but I can’t fathom window shopping for a date. Why can’t it be easy like it was years ago where you go to a bar, see somebody from across the room, make eye contact with them, and decide to talk to them? If at the end of the night you kicked it off, then you kicked it off and you exchange numbers. If you didn’t kick it off and he was annoying as hell, then you don’t exchange numbers and you tried, but here it’s, “Let’s meet you on a dating app, text each other for a while, and then what?”

Let’s face it. I can’t get anyone to answer me on dating apps, so there’s that. I will send message after message and I get nothing, and that brings me to a whole other ordeal. In one of my previous episodes, I talked about how I’m telepathically connected. I don’t know but that’s what people are telling me is that I’m telepathically connected to someone else who keeps showing up in my head, not in person. I don’t see this person in person. That’s a topic for another day. Maybe I’ll make it for the next episode and we can chat about it then because that’s a needed conversation.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Remember that you’re not alone. What I go through is hopefully what you’re going through. Not hopefully in a bad way, but what you’re going through is maybe what I’m going through. I love to know everyone else’s experiences on their dreams because that’s what this episode was about, the rawness and realness of the connection. If you’re needing that type of connection and dreaming about it, it feels so real and raw that it’s crazy like, “The thought of that dream I had last night was so crazy.” In the next episode, I’m going to talk about dating apps. We’re going to continue the whole dating app discussion. We’ll go from there and see how that works.

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