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Experiences On Tinder: Understanding A Man’s Perspective

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YGYG Tim Tinder | Experiences On Tinder


If you’re dating on Tinder, then you can relate to these horrible experiences Christina went through. In this episode, Christina shares with Tim how men can be confusing with their mixed signals. Why do they say they’re interested then ignore you afterward? Join in the conversation and dive deep into a man’s perspective as Tim shares some dating advice and explains some characteristics of men that women find very attractive and send them over the moon. You’d want to tune in to this episode before you make that swipe!

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Experiences On Tinder: Understanding A Man’s Perspective


How are you?

I just got back from Jessica’s.

How is she doing?

She had her baby. She mentioned some dirty notes in middle school from you.

I’m telling you I can’t run for politics like any type of political office. There’s so much dirt from middle school and from high school that they’d be like, “This asshole can’t be the Senator. He said this.” He looks likes shit.

She read our first episode and she goes, “Do you know what you should talk to Tim about?” I’m like, “What?” She goes, “Those dirty notes he used to write in middle school.”

That doesn’t surprise me. It was a different time back then. That’s one of our topics. The difference between our childhood and our kids’ childhood. I was writing dirty notes. I was trying to do whatever means possible to touch a boob. I was so excited in seventh grade. Now I’m like, “Son, you can’t say shit. Don’t say anything. They don’t exist. Wait until you’re in college.” Even then, you can just wait to talk to girls forever.

YGYG Tim Tinder | Experiences On Tinder

Experiences On Tinder: If somebody else sees something in you and your response is, “Yes, whatever,” then all you’re doing is belittling what that person is saying.


Maybe when you’re 34, but even maybe not then, because I know a 34-year-old who still plays games at this age. Do you remember us talking the last time about who my high school crush was?

I remember, but I don’t remember the name. You can say it.

I don’t want to say anything.

Why not?

I don’t want to say the name here. We had matched on Tinder three different times. I was on Tinder once, and one of my episodes in the coming weeks is about this. It kicks off like two episodes of dating apps and the annoyance of them. Anyways, I was on Tinder and we matched the first time, then I got completely off of Tinder because it was stupid. I then got back on Tinder and we matched again, but here’s the thing. He was swiping right first because technically, when I swept right, it would pop up and say, “You’ve matched.” I’m like, “Okay, cool. Whatever.” I tried reaching out both times. I got ignored both times. I deleted my Tinder again because it was stupid. Clearly, this is a thing. People who are on dating apps delete the app every often and then get back on it again.

I deleted it back in February 2021. I got back on it and we matched again for the third fucking time. I sent him a message. I was like, “I’m not playing these games with you.” I gave him my phone number and he never responded to me. He flat out ignored me. I’m like, “If you’re going to match with me, at least say something. Don’t fucking play games or don’t match with me at all. If you don’t want to talk to me or you don’t want me to contact you, then don’t match with me.” Would that not go through your head as a man?

As a man, it all depends. I’ll give you a man’s perspective. Is that his main source of finding a girl to go on a date with?

I wouldn’t assume. He probably is not dating.

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I’m saying like he probably just has the app on his phone and just swiped right on cute girls and doesn’t even message any of them.

I don’t understand what the point of that is.

That’s stupid because men are stupid.

I don’t understand what the point of that is. You’re on a dating app, whether it’s to get laid or it’s to go on a date. If you’re going to swipe right on somebody, then at least have the balls to have a conversation with them.

I’m glad that I’m married. I would not use any apps whatsoever.

I hung out with Kinsey, and I had stopped by her house on the way home from a concert because she wanted to talk. I went and I hang out with her for a little while. I somehow ended up swiping through Tinder. We ended up googling stupid pick-up lines that you say to people on dating apps because we were bored and it was fun. We were googling them and then we found one. The question is, how do you carve a table out of a tree?

How do you carve a table out of a tree?

Whittle by whittle.

YGYG Tim Tinder | Experiences On Tinder

Experiences On Tinder: The five love languages: quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, gift-giving, and physical touch.


Did you say that to somebody? Did he respond?

He hadn’t responded to me since February. That was my last message to him, giving him my phone number or whatever. That night I saw it and Kinsey was like, “You should send it to him.” I was like, “I’ll just leave it be.” I contemplated it for a few minutes and then I sent it. I sent him the question, “How do you carve a table out of a tree?” Twenty minutes later, he responds.

What did he say?

His response was, “Why are you up so late?” It was 10:30 at night on a Saturday. I was like, “What am I? In my 70s? Am I supposed to be in bed by 8:00?”

Did you tell him the punchline?


Did you respond to him?

I responded. He asked me why I was up so late. I said, “I got nothing better to do.” My last message, the end of it, I was trying to be like, “Haha, I miss you.” I said like, “PS, I miss your face.” He sent me a response and he was like, “You miss my face?” I was like, “You do know how to read.” He goes, “Do you miss something else?” I’m going to let the wheels turn.

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That’s 2021. That’s like, “What?”

I go, “What do I say to that?” She goes, “Just say, ‘Both…?’” I did. His response was, “Do you need me to come over and put you to bed?”

I think I could be a multimillionaire. I swear to you because that is one story of thousands that I’ve heard where a girl is making herself available. She’s putting herself out there. She’s like, “I would like to talk to you.” She is holding a sign in front of her saying, “I want to talk to you. I think you’re cute. Do you want to talk?” That’s what Tinder is.

I put myself out there the first time and was like, “Reach out to me whenever you want. I don’t want to have to play these stupid games with you.” I caved to that and I was like, “Give me an hour.” It’s been three years. I’m not going to turn it down, “Yeah, come over.” He said he would let me know when he was on his way. He never showed up and never sent me a message, nothing. Two hours go by and I said, “I just got home. Come over whenever.” I was out during that conversation and that’s why I said, “Give me an hour because I still needed to get home.” My room was a disaster. I needed to clean up.

There are preparations that need to be had. You’ve got to clean. The room smells nice.

I lit a candle too in my room.

Now we’re getting into those fucking smut books you read if you lit a candle that’s full of shit.

He never showed up. He asked where I lived and I had let him know. I was like, “I’m at dad’s house over by Apollo. Do you need directions?” He knows where that is. He was like, “No. I’ll let you know when I’m on my way.” I got nothing out of him. Finally, my last message to him was, “I’m calling it a night. I can see you’re still up to your usual games. I’m not willing to play.”

YGYG Tim Tinder | Experiences On Tinder

Experiences On Tinder: Arguments can start just by miscommunication or misunderstanding of the tone of the words that you say.


That was it. I didn’t hear anything out of him. The next morning, I was worked up about it. I was so pissed about it. I sent him this nice long message and I still got no response out of him. It was a message basically laying out my intentions and what I expected. I don’t expect a boyfriend. I expect someone to spend some time with when I have the time, and that was it. What kind of man would turn that down?

“I’m available to spend time with you. Would you like to spend some time? Meet me at my house in an hour.”

All I’m asking for is a few nights. We can watch a movie and do whatever we’ve got to do.

We can watch movies and spend time together. Don’t fucking call me. Don’t text me everyday. No relationship. Don’t do anything.

Just text me on a Wednesday night and say, “Do you want to come over at 10:00 at night?” I’d be like, “Yeah, sure.” I was talking to my friend. She’s like, “He’s fucking nuts because a woman literally told him what she wants, and it’s not anything more than just hanging out, and he literally is turning it down.” He is ignoring me.

Let’s have a men’s conference and be like, “I’m going to break it down to how to speak to a woman, how to have a conversation and how to be a friend. If you want to be romantic with this woman, this is how you do it. It’s not hard. Literally, you just talk to them.”

I don’t want the romance. I need you to say, “I need it.” Even in my last message, I was like, “We’ve had this arrangement before.” It’s easy for me to go back to that with him because I won’t expect anything more. We’ve already done this. We’ve already been there and done that.

It’s not a new dating thing. It’s like, “Here’s our arrangement.” Once you break that barrier of hanging out with somebody, there’s a comfortableness where there’s not like, “Set your keys there.” We hang up and then, “See you later. Have a good night.”

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I’ve been by myself for several years now. I have not had any physical interaction with anybody in that long. You matched with me on Tinder and then all of a sudden you are consuming my thoughts for God knows what fucking reason. I have no clue.

You’d be fucked up with Tinder and go to a bar.

No, because at the bar, it ends up being kids that are in their mid-twenties, and I’m not young enough. I’m considered a cougar at this point. Am I considered a cougar?

No. You are not a cougar. There’s a word but I’m not going to use it, but it’s not cougar. It rhymes with milk.

At this point, I’m only on Tinder out of pure boredom. I find myself swiping.

Get off of Tinder.


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