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Dating, Relationships And Sharing The Dirty Deets For The Divorced Thirty-Something

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YGYG EP 1 | Dirty Deets


Ladies, you are not alone. Christina starts things with a bang in this first episode as she begins sharing the dirty deets. We talk dating for thirty-somethings, relationships and the challenges of relationships. With each exciting and provocative discussion, Christina hopes to reach out to everyone. Tune in for more juicy details and relationship advice.

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Dating, Relationships And Sharing The Dirty Deets For The Divorced Thirty-Something

I wanted to touch base quickly on why I decided to start this show because, in the next episodes, you’re going to be hearing the dirty deets of my life. Hopefully, those dirty deets will help you with something you’re going through in your life. I started this show because I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that they weren’t alone. Someone was most likely going through something that you’re going through and that you could reach out for support in that case. I have gone through a lot throughout the last couple of years of my life. I had a great support system. However, some things in my life that I went through, I felt like no one else went through the same thing. I don’t want people to feel that way.

I want people to be able to reach out about divorce questions or how to start the divorce process. How do you know it’s time for a divorce? I want people to reach out when your kindergartner goes to kindergarten. It’s his first day of school and he cried so bad that you started crying. To know that that’s normal and you’re not alone. I want people to be able to understand that dating in your mid-30s with three children is stupid and maybe worth it. To me right now, it’s mostly stupid.

Here’s an example. Dating may be working out for you right now but it’s not working out for me. Here’s where I’m at. I need proof that dating is working for somebody and I don’t have that. I don’t just mean dating is working for some random person who’s single and in their twenties. I need to know that dating is working for somebody who’s divorced in their mid-30s with three children because I have little hope. I want people to know that going through the terrible twos or the teenage stage is normal. I don’t have teenagers but I have friends who do have teenagers.

Everyone deserves to know that they're not alone and someone else is going through the same thing. Click To Tweet

My main goal for this is to make sure that everybody knows that you’re not alone. Even if you’re single and you don’t have children, I’m here for it, or you’re just married, working on having children and going through infertility. I’ve been there and done that. I have a friend who’s going through it. Many things have gone on in life that everyone deserves to know that they’re not alone and someone else is going through the same thing.

If you want to reach out and have a conversation with somebody about it, or you need support about it, or you want to share your story so that you can get it out there, then let me know. The website is It has a Contact Me page. Share your story with me. I want to hear it. I want to share it so that people know that they’re not alone. I want to have a discussion about it. If you’re willing to share it, I’m willing to discuss it.

We’re going to touch base on a lot of things throughout the next several hundred episodes. I would hope I can get that many episodes in. I want you guys to come along on this journey with me of online dating and being a single parent. I know the definition of a single parent is different for everybody. We’ll touch base on that later too. Going through being a working mom, a working-from-home mom or a parent, it doesn’t just have to be a mom, although I am a female, and discuss a few things that go through life.

YGYG EP 1 | Dirty Deets

Dirty Deets: Welcome to the show where we’re going to get into the dirty deets. I hope you guys enjoy it.


I hope that you get some laughs along the way because I do deal with my life in humor. A lot of my friends will tell you that. I have a lot of sarcasm and humor so be prepared. I hope this helps you in one way or another. I understand that some episodes may not be for you, and some episodes may resonate with you. You may feel some episodes work for somebody that you know who are going through something similar. That’s what I’m here for.

If you have suggestions, tips, tricks, topics you want me to discuss, or you want to join me for a discussion on the show, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Use the website to get to me however you feel necessary, but please be nice. I don’t tolerate negativity. That will not be accepted here. Although we all have our moments of negativity and I get it. I have my moments as well. I’m not 100% positive about everything that happens in my life, but do not come at me with negativity.

I want to hear about your stories. I want to discuss them. Welcome to the show where we’re going to get into the dirty deets. I hope you guys enjoy it. I’m a little nervous to start this venture with all of you, sharing my life with everybody. Generally, I used to keep my life pretty quiet. I didn’t share too much on social media in regards to my marriage. I mainly shared stuff about my kids. This is new for me. Going out with a bang, making my life known and sharing the dirty details of maybe my sex life or dating. There you have it. Have a great day and stay tuned every week for new episodes. You never know what’s going to be discussed next. It could be pretty juicy.

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