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Communicating Through Telepathy: Dealing With Situations You Fear Facing

YGYG 1 | Telepathy


We all have struggled in life, especially if we have to deal with people we don’t want to communicate with. But what do we do if we can’t get them out of our minds? Join Christina Paxton as she delves into telepathy and encountering different shifts in life. She talks about her personality, why people find her weird, and how she coped with it. In this episode, Christina also shares her experiences in her marriage and why it was hard for her to unleash her true self even inside her home. Let’s explore different aspects in life such as spirituality, anxiety, tarot cards, and more as we listen to this podcast.

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Communicating Through Telepathy: Dealing With Situations You Fear Facing

My brain is exhausted. I don’t know how to start this, even what to say or how to say without sounding like I’m a complete psychopath and I belong in a psych ward. All of this is new to me. We’re going to talk about telepathy, which we all have. That’s not new. It’s just learning how to use it or some of us have it a little stronger than others. We all have that time where we sit there and think about a friend that we haven’t talked to in a while, and then they reach out to us the next day or within a couple of days of thinking about them. That’s a part of it. I have been tapping into my spiritual side a little more.

I’ve had these weird feelings before when I was a teenager and my early twenties. They faded. I figured, “It was a phase. I grew out of it. It was anxiety or whatever the case may be.” I go out of it and didn’t have them for a while. They tend to be surrounded by one specific individual throughout the years. When I got married, I didn’t have them as often as I did before I got married but I still had them. When I’m in contact with a specific individual, I don’t have them anymore. Then I don’t have contact with this person and I start to have them.

If you knew me in high school, I was not secretive about my crush. I don’t need any of this to get out, as a lot of people from high school know that I have a blog and read it. It’s not anything new but it wasn’t a secret. This is revolving around the said person. It’s weird because this is crazy and this isn’t something I’ve touched base on ever. I’ve not looked into any of this before. I’ve always been super interested in spiritual things and tarot cards. Part of that is because who I was married to belittled who I was. I had to dial down the norm because he thought I was weird. Some of the things that I did were weird to him. I got made fun of and picked on. That was my marriage and I dealt with it.

I’m used to being the butt of people’s jokes and getting picked on. That’s normal for me. Towards my teen and especially twenties, I hung out with a lot of guys. After I graduated high school, my best friends at the time were all guys I went to high school with. Two of them were guys that I grew up with. I’ve known them since I was five years old. I’m used to being the girl that gets along with the guys a lot better and the girls don’t like it because that’s who I am.

Trust and believe in yourself because no one could be you.

I had 2 or 3 good girlfriends and we hung out often but with the guys. It was always detrimental to guys having girls around or they were trying to hook up. Because I was around, other people felt threatened. That is what it is. My marriage was that. It was weird. I’d get picked on a lot but at some point, I dialed down who I was. I stopped going to sporting events because he didn’t like to and looking into spiritual things or talking about it because he thought that was weird. I stopped being weird. I am weird. I’m a very awkward person. My personality is off the wall. I turned into this normal autopilot everyday person and I could be myself around certain people. I had some good friends throughout my twenties and marriage where I felt that I could be myself around but I could never be myself in my own house when he was home.

I stopped looking into all of this stuff and it never occurred to me throughout my marriage that some of these feelings were occurring more of a spiritual side of things. In my teens and early twenties, I chalked it up to anxiety. I was having these weird feelings. When you think about it, they were all coming at different shifts in my life or in someone else’s life that I was close to. One of my good friends was having a shift in their life, I would feel weird but I never put 2 and 2 together until later on in life. Same through my twenties, it didn’t occur to me.

In my marriage, there were a few things that occurred. It was weird and I blocked it subconsciously, not like, “I’m going to block it.” It was like, “No, I’m married. I’m going to block.” In my mind, I blocked it. I don’t know where I’m going with this but I’m trying to explain how I feel because I’m all over the place, my brain and body are exhausted. I’m going to let it out and if you feel like reading, then you feel like reading.

One Specific Person

Over the course of my adult life, the feelings have been more surrounded and more connected to one specific person. That specific person is someone I’ve known for a long time. We went to high school together. He was not someone I was close to necessarily but there were times throughout high school that were weird. We would wear the same color on the same day. I’m not going to lie. It sounds like I’m a creep and a stalker but I swear this happened. I don’t know how to explain it. I need to get it out to somebody. Anyone who went to high school with me knows who I’m talking about. It’s not like it was a secret. If he ever read this and he’s going to think I’m a stalker and weird, but I’m going to let it out. Maybe something will change in the universe and I’ll be able to cope with it somehow.

YGYG 1 | Telepathy

Telepathy: It’s a choice between trying to connect on a telepathic level and figure out how and make that work or figure out how to block it and move forward with your life.


In high school, things were just weird. We are in the same car on the same day, every year we had a class together. It’s not odd but we had a semi-large graduating class. I only had the same class with somebody every single year with one person. I was close with a lot of people in high school. I didn’t have a class with any of them. I happened to have a class with this one specific person every single year, which was always weird because you’d walk into class and you’re like, “Why I’m in the same class with my high school crush. This is stupid. I don’t want to be here. It was so dumb.” It drove me insane. I don’t know why it happened but it did. There were two years where I might’ve had the same class with someone but then the following year, I wouldn’t have a class with them because we’re all on different levels in high school, AP and people skipping classes.

All of these things occur to me later in life when it pops up. It was not a relationship but we did have something going on not immediately after high school but after college, because we were old enough to drink. Nothing ever came of it. That was that. It was those random visits. I’m weird. No one wants to be with me. No one likes me. It was one of those things where no one even wanted to blurt it out. I was friends with a lot of people after high school and people didn’t know that because that was not something you shared.

After high school, I feel like I started connecting with more people that I did go to high school with. I don’t know if it’s because we were out of high school and life was changing, we were growing up or we were in a different dynamic. Not many people knew or understood. I didn’t feel like I was very well-liked in high school and I come to find out that I was well-liked. It was weird and people thought it was weird. All of this occurs and I get these weird feelings. It all has to do with this one specific person this entire time. All of these years, I never put 2 and 2 together until I sat down and thought about it.

At some point during my marriage, something major happened in their life and I felt the shift. I had no communication with this person whatsoever. There was nothing. I hadn’t spoken to this person in years. Our “friendship” ended on bad terms. I remember the text messages going back and forth with each other back when texting costs like $0.5 a text. I remember what happened that night, why I stopped talking and completely blocked him off. I wasn’t for that. I was going to end it and move forward.

When something major happens in your life and you feel the shift, go with your instinct, and do what you want.

Aside from that, this person wasn’t ready for what I wanted and that’s okay. We were at different phases in our life. I was in my early twenties. I had boyfriends and done my “whole phase.” I remember why our situationship as Gen Zers call it now. I hadn’t spoken to him since then because I blocked it. I cut it all off. There was nothing. The feelings I blocked, which I’m now learning is something I can do to push that away and move on with my life. I was doing it without realizing it. That’s what happened.

Moving On

I got married and moved on with my life. Occasionally, this person would pop up in dreams but I would take a couple of days to think about it. Then this person would pop up in a few dreams throughout several nights in a row then I’d go back and block it without realizing that’s what I was doing because in my head, “It wasn’t appropriate because I was married.” There was a time in my marriage where this person went through a shift. I felt it and it was a couple of weeks of I couldn’t block it, turn it off and figure out why until a couple of friends had reached out to me and let me know what was happening in this person’s life. They asked me to show up and be present. I blocked it. Once I found out what was happening and what was needed of me, I blocked it.

Now that I sit here and think about it, it probably wasn’t the best option but I was married. I didn’t want to go through that awkwardness of showing up and not knowing what to do. I was told by a couple of people that I needed to show up, my face needed to be seen and then I could turn around and walk away, which I thought was weird because this person and I were never close in any way, shape or form aside from obviously the random occasions where we wore the same color to school, had the same classes together, copying off of each other’s homework or went to a school dance together and I got ditched. I can’t believe I’m talking about this.

I went through life after I cut things off with this person and never understood when that shift came in their life and why I needed to be present because this person was never present for me. I decided it was the thought of someone telling me that I needed to show face and support, which I was more than happy to do but the support and what I needed were not shown to me. I did not want to make things weird in any aspect of my life. I didn’t want to show up and be awkward or people wonder why I was there. I was married and there was no point in me being there. I wanted to support a friend but it was a friend I no longer spoke to. I don’t even know if we were even considered friends.

YGYG 1 | Telepathy

Telepathy: You have to decide if you’re going to block the person that’s consuming your mind for a long time or if you’re going to try to reach out a different way.


Talking To Someone

I’ve been having this feeling. I can’t block, shake and get it to go away. It’s daunting. My overall physical and mental well-being is exhausted. I’m not sleeping because the dreams are vivid and reoccurring. I don’t want to have them anymore but for some reason, I can’t block it. I’ve been having this situation or feeling where I need to talk to somebody. I don’t need to talk to a psychologist but to someone spiritual because it’s the spiritual side of me that’s screaming on the inside and is like, “We need to figure out what is going on. You need to figure it out.”

What I haven’t shared is that I had this big, huge divorce weekend where my friends and I went a couple of hours up North. We had rented a cabin and see a psychic. We went to Sedona, Arizona, which is a very spiritual place. There are lots of psychics and tarot cards readers. We went as a group reading and that’s when I was told that I’m a telepath. All of us are somewhat a telepath in our own way. It’s how we use it or how strong it is. She told me that I’m getting these feelings or I know what other people are feeling. Everyone that was there that day looked at me and was like, “Yeah, on point,” because I can immediately read someone else’s mind and know exactly what’s going on.

I was searching for bedroom furniture and I text my best friends. I was like, “What about this one?” I knew right away as soon as Andy read that and saw that picture that her thought was, “No.” She didn’t even have to respond to it. I already knew it was a no. It was then me thinking, “Maybe I don’t like it.” That’s an example. That happens all the time to a lot of people that I’m surrounded by. I discovered that one of my coworkers is a tarot card reader and she’s into all of that. I got on a call with her. We were supposed to be on a Zoom meeting with a client and she could see or feel it. She’s an empath. She had looked at me and was like, “Are you okay?” I’m like, “I am okay.” The feelings, dreams and thoughts are consumed by one person. I want them to go away so bad but I don’t know how to do it.

It’s the spiritual side of me is finally coming to the realization that something’s going on. I can’t block it subconsciously like I used to. I have to physically think about how I’m going to block this and turn it off. I can’t figure out how to do it. My insides are screaming like, “You need to go talk to somebody.” Coincidentally enough, she’s a tarot card reader, which is I love and I don’t know if that’s necessarily what I needed. We went through a tarot card reading session after work and it helped me a little bit but it didn’t give me any clarity. I did feel better after talking to her because it was her telling me that I either need to try to connect with this person telepathically. He’s not reaching out to me and I’ve reached out to him but I’m not getting anything in return. For some reason, he’s consuming my thoughts and I don’t know why and how to make it stop.

Sit down and meditate because it helps you clear your mind when you’re anxious.

I either need to sit down and meditate, which I’ve never done before. Figuring out how to deal with all of this is all new to me. I don’t understand it. I feel like I’m a crazy person and I belong in a psych ward because I’m talking about this spiritual belief and my angels. It’s weird because I’ve always been into it and interested in it but I never thought that it would affect me deeply. I don’t know how to cope with it and after talking to her, the decisions were, “I need to sit down, meditate and figure out how to block it like I have in the past.” In the past, I’ve done it subconsciously, not realizing or paying attention to how it was doing it. It was just doing it or I need to try to connect with him telepathically, which I have no clue how to do. I’m going to have to sit down and physically try to figure out how to do this.

I have to figure out which one I want to do. Do I want to move forward and try to connect on a telepathic level and figure out how and make that work or do I want to sit down and figure out how to block it and move forward with my life? I wouldn’t say I’m trying too hard but I would like to find somebody to spend my time or life with or do things with. I’m at a place in my life where I have a lot of time on my hands because my kids are with their dad 50% of the time and I have time. I’m looking for somebody to spend that time with. I can’t do that if my mind is consumed by someone else. I have to decide if I’m going to block this person from consuming my mind or try to reach out a different way.

I’ve reached out with messages and not getting anything in return. He’s consuming my mind for a reason. I can’t figure out what that reason is. He’s clearly not going to tell me what the reason is. I’m consuming his mind that’s why he’s consuming mine because that may not be the case. I may not even be a figment of his imagination, which is fine. I’m used to not being a figment of his imagination. That’s normal to me. I get it. I need to figure out how to block this and I know that someone’s going to pass this along and tell him to read it.

He may not, but he may. He’s going to think I’m crazy, which is normal and weird. He already thought he was crazy anyway. It’s no big deal. If we’re supposed to be connected in some way, I don’t want it to be too late. I don’t want it to be where I move on and then he ends up popping up later like he did throughout my marriage. I either need to figure it out now or push it aside and have it pop up later again because it’s popped up throughout my life many times that I don’t know what to do. I’m exhausted of thinking about it and trying to figure it out.

That’s my story. I needed to get it out and talk to somebody, even if it is myself. I felt good talking to Melissa. She’s my coworker and we did a tarot card reading but now I’m still exhausted. I felt a little clearer after I talked to her but I may need to see somebody else a little more in-depth to hopefully get a little more clarity because I don’t have much. I would love to know about anyone else’s spiritualness. If you know of a great psychic or tarot card reader that I could connect with and possibly have on my show at some point, by the time you read to this, you’ll be reading about other episodes on what is going on but I would still love to have them on. My friend told me I needed to write a book because of all of this. My brain is crazy. I don’t understand. I’m confused. I need help. There you have it, people. We’ll be back next episode with maybe some more of this spiritual goodness.

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